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Jensen Manufacturing Industries provides services from several exceptional companies that pass the test of excellence and service in their respective fields. JMI’s reputation is most important, and therefore the companies represented are among the best. Our manufacturers have proven themselves through decades of exceptional experience and are all located here in the southeastern United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a purchaser / buyer and don’t understand a lot about manufacturing. Can someone help me with my purchasing decisions?
Absolutely! You can call our technical sales staff with any questions or concerns. If we can’t answer your question, we have many resources to help get your answers.

Where is all of your manufacturing done?
Here in the southeastern United States. Manufacturers are in Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia

Will someone knowledgeable from Jensen Manufacturing come see me if requested?
If you are local near Atlanta, definitely. Outside of this area, we can make arrangements if needed with us or one of our manufacturers.

Do I need a print to have something made?
A print is always preferred, but we can go by a description or sketch in many cases. You can also Email your prints from CAD or SolidWorks as well. (see our page on manufacturing on files that we can accept).

Why would I have parts waterjet machined as opposed to plasma / laser cutting?
One of the big advantages is that waterjet is an abrasive cut and not a heat generated cut which leaves a non hardened edge for machining without heat effected zones or mechanical stresses. The multi-axis waterjet is also very accurate: +/- .010 standard tolerance, and +/- .005 with increased set up time.

Can you make metric and standard gears and parts?
Absolutely! It’s a matter of fact, we are known for our metric gears; it is our specialty!

What is miniature and micro-miniature machining?
These are parts which are extremely small in size and require special machines and skills (see our miniature machining page). We can machine parts with holes and slots that are barely visible with the naked eye! Ex. Holes that are only .002 in diameter, rectangular slots that are .002 x .010 long!

Is it costly to repair servo products, and are the repairs guaranteed?
We can repair servo products for much less because we do it on an evaluation / quote basis as opposed to a 70% of new standard that has been used in the past. All hydraulic pumps and motors are completely warranted for one year of service. We use factory OEM parts every time!

What kind of turn around time do you offer on servo repairs?
We offer same day emergency turn around on most major brands of servo motors (turn around time may be affected by severe damage and availability of parts. Most of our repairs are turnaround in days and not weeks.

How can I translate metric units to English and vice versa?
Metric to English: Multiply metric # x .03937. ex. 25MM x .03937 = .98425
English to metric: Divide English # / .03937. ex. .629 / .03937 = 15.976, or 16MM

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