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Gears, Sprockets & Power Transmission Components

We can produce any part by print, sample or sketch. Our reverse engineering process enables your worn part to be easily reproduced using most any type of material. We are equipped to produce almost any type of power train drive line needed. Metric pitches are commonplace with us. In fact, any pitch is easily obtainable.


Gears – Spur, Helical, Bevel, Miter, Worm, etc.
.375 outside diameter up to 38”, face width up to 24”
  Shafts – regular and splined
.375 outside diameter up to 15”, length up to 60”
Silent and RC up to 38” outside diameter
  Timing Belt Pulleys
up to 38” outside diameter
  Bevel & Miter Gears
Up to 24” outside diameter
  Crown & V Belt Pulleys
Up to 38”
  Splined Shafts
Up to 60” long, with 24” splined
  Internal Gears
Up to 18” Internal diameter with 3” face width

Serving these industries:

Printing Packaging
  Paper board & pulp   Utilities
  Box manufacturing   Mining
  Furniture manufacturing   Construction
  Food processing   Chemical Processing
  Plastics manufacturing   Water treatment
  Transportation   Ship Building
  Aggregate   Specialty Textile

We also rebuild worn gear boxes and assemblage



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