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Heat Exchanger Services

Quick, cost effective, and reliable.

Plate and Frame
Ship your entire heat exchanger assembly or we can remove and re-install plates on site. Plates will be removed, cleaned, tested and regasketed. Complete units now available. Call with your specifications.

Complete non-abrasive cleaning through a series of chemical washings removes product buildup and water deposits and restores your plates to like-new efficiency.

Dye Penetrant Testing
Each plate is tested with a dye penetrant system to ensure there are no cracks or pinholes. Early detection of plate defects eliminates cross-contamination concerns and saves costly down-time later.

The proper adhesives are selected for your gasket and service conditions. Each gasket is cleaned and the plate groove is prepared just prior to bonding. Oven curing of the adhesives in tightened frames provides a strong and secure bond. Adhesive curing with the gasket compressed in the plate groove ensures trouble free service.

Other Services
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Other Types of Heat Exchangers Available (Call for Info)
Brazed Heat Exchangers
  Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers
  Block Welded Heat Exchangers

Dye Penetrant Test

Heat Exchanger Plates

Gasket Application

Plate Cleaning

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