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Machining & Fabrication

Machining & Fabrication

  Precision 5-axis CNC machining with large travel capabilities (84" X, 32" Y, 30" Z)
  Precision Tig and Mig welding capability specializing in aluminum (including 1” and thicker), stainless, titanium, etc.
  Reverse engineering capabilities utilizing FARO Platinum Arm and SolidWorks software
  All types of conventional and CNC machine repairs
  Fabrication of small and large quantities; machine frames; laser cutting; shearing, bending and powder coating
Multi Axis Waterjet Machining

Multi Axis Waterjet Machining

Eliminates edge taper and stream lag associated with traditional waterjet machining
  Dynamic waterjet machining cuts virtually any material from 1/8” to 8” thick
  6' x 12' capacity
  High Accuracy – +/-0.010 standard tolerance. Tolerances below +/- 0.005 with increased set up time
Gears, Sprockets & Power Transmission Components

Gears, Sprockets & Power Transmission Components

Gears – Spur, Helical, Bevel, Miter, Worm, Internal, etc. – .375 outside diameter up to 38”, face width up to 24"
  Shafts – reg. and splined – .375 outside diameter up to 15”, length up to 60”
  Sprockets – Silent and RC up to 38” outside diameter
  Timing Belt Pulleys, Crown & V Belt Pulleys – up to 38” outside diameter
Small & Miniature Parts

Swiss Screw Machining & Miniature Parts

Miniature machining
  Quick turnarounds, high quality and precision
  Prototyping to final product
  Swiss & Conventional CNC Machining
  Maximum machining diameter to 1.625"
  Maximum machining length 12”
Servo Motor, Valve and Electronics Repair

Servo Motor, Valve and Electronics Repair

Fully run tested
  Motors are broken down to the sub component level
  Replace Bearings
  Rewind (if necessary)
  Recalibrate encoder / tach
  Detailed failure reports accompany each repair
  All motors are completely warranted for one year of service
Heat Exchanger Services

Heat Exchanger Services

Removal and re-installation of plates on site

  Complete non-abrasive cleaning through a series of chemical washings
  Dye Penetrant Testing to ensure there are no cracks or pinholes
  Adhesive curing with the gasket compressed in the plate groove ensures trouble free service
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